Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Concerns Presented to Dallas ISD Board in 2019:

11-21-19 Board Meeting Testimony: Dallas ISD pays teachers of wealthy & White students even more under TEI!

10-17-19 Board Meeting Testimony:  Detailed proposals for change, publicized before Board Meetings, are needed.

Many Dallas ISD Trustees over the past 50 years:
Photo taken of all Board Members present at 5-23-19 celebration of service by Trustees Blackburn and Pinkerton.

6-18-19 Dallas ISD invests more money in teachers of wealthy students.

5-25-19 Email: Complaint against Karla Garcia for Perjury on Documents filed for District 4 Trustee Position
Join us! Print out these 16 pages, notarize signature, and file your own complaint with us!

6-10-19 Racial & Ethnic Balance at Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet

5-25-19 Email: Why secret swearing in of new trustees 9 days early?

5-24-19 Email: Data driven racial equity in Dallas ISD

4-25-19 Testimony: Conflict of Interest Complaint against Dallas ISD Trustees

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