Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Policy Foundation for the Dallas ISD Racial Equity Office passed 6-21-18

Below are the four pages from the initial policy document for the Dallas ISD Racial Equity Office.  It was approved 6-21-18 by the Dallas ISD Board. This is a very good start!  

The last sentence of the third paragraph on the first page is priceless: "The district is committed to creating an environment where all student experiences are heard."

Such an environment would require positive students who are both self-aware and self-confident enough so as to both know and share all their experiences, as appropriate. This will create a significantly higher achieving, more positive educational environment with few, if any, negative student behaviors.  Such students will be more positively grounded, knowing both their roots and their plans for the future. These positive developments are more common in more DISD schools every year.

Such student confidence provides the foundation needed for making Dallas ISD the greatest urban school district in the Nation!