Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lancaster ISD as most improved, 2012 to 2019, of 14 ISD's in Dallas County

The chart below lists the 14 largest ISD's in Dallas County as of 2019. Using Texas Education Agency meeting standards data from 2012 through 2019 it shows the 7 year gain in the percentage of students meeting standard for each district each year.  This data was found on the Commit Database at
Notice that, with a 7 year gain of 24 percentage points, Lancaster ISD has the highest percentage gain of any Dallas County school district!  Dallas ISD is second place with 18 percentage points.  Coppell and Irving are tied for third and fourth with 17 percentage points gain each.  Fifth is Grand Prairie with 14 percentage points gain.

Dallas ISD 36 established high schools and progress 2012 through 2019

As of 2019 Dallas ISD has a total of 36 established high schools. 22 are comprehensive neighborhood high schools serving a specific feeder pattern.  The remaining 14 are magnet schools of different types and Early College High Schools serving various areas of interest.  Here they all are on a list with the percentage of students meeting TEA standards each year from 2012 through 2019.

Multiple conclusions are indicated with this data. Notice Trini Garza ECHS has the highest performing of all but 2 high schools, and those two average a percentage of non-handicapped by poverty students that is four times larger than that percentage of non-handicapped students at Garza ECHS. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Dallas ISD Annual Racial Equity Spreadsheet History Missing

Wonderful progress is anticipated in racial equity due to the strong changes in keeping Dallas ISD Magnets first for Dallas students. These changes were covered in the Dallas Morning News on 8-1-19 in the article titled "Here's Dallas ISD's new plan to stop suburban cheaters from stealing magnet school spots."

This is a major move toward racial equity.  Now for DISD to release decades worth of annual racial equity spreadsheets.

Each spreadsheet would cover one school year's worth of data for Dallas ISD schools.  The base for each spreadsheet would be the School Information File format found in the Dallas ISD Data Portal. See

It would expand this demographic and achievement information for each school in a row for each school.  It would add many more variables including the 32 financial variables per school showing moneys allocated by school as reported in the PEIMS Financial Reports.

A decade of such reports will expose massive supplantation of resoures away from high poverty minority schools inside Dallas ISD. Such transparency would allow DISD to develop a truly effective data-driven Racial Equity Program!  Dallas would lead the nation!

Justin Henry and Ben Mackey, could you help such annual Racial Equity Spreadsheets, covering each year of the past decade, to be made public?  We need such a foundation for a truly data-driven racial equity program within Dallas ISD.