Tuesday, December 26, 2017

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth has 41% more money per child than Dallas ISD with lower achievement

A year ago a pattern of KIPP DALLAS-FORT WORTH enjoying 65% more revenue per student than Dallas ISD was noticed while spending less than half of that increase on instruction.  It was just now noticed in the 2016 Snapshot data base that again KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth enjoyed more revenue per student than Dallas ISD, 41% more money, or $16,382 per student compared to $11,615 per student by Dallas ISD.

In spite of this 41% financial advantage, and a comparable student body that is 87.8% economically disadvantaged and 42.9% English Language Learners in Dallas ISD compared to 89.7 economically disadvantaged and 19.7% English Language Learners in KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth, the percentage of students passing all statewide tests was 4 percentage points higher in the lower funded Dallas ISD.  

Other data such as graduation rates and college readiness information could not be compared as it was left blank for KIPP in the Snapshop database.

Input from anyone who can explain this second year of such high per student funding with relatively low investment in instruction and lower achievement than DISD, a much lower funded district per student is welcome below, or to bbetzen@aol.com.