Saturday, March 28, 2020

3-28-20 Coronavirus resources in Dallas County & Texas and data

Online there are multiple sources for accurate information about steps to take to remain healthy and resources available.  Please connect with those you know who do not have internet access and may need information from some of theses sources.

Here are Corona-virus and Covid-19 resources for people in need:
Dallas will not be disconnecting water and many other resources for the City of Dallas are at

Dallas County Emergency information, precautions to take, and resources

WFAA information and resources:

Every school district has resources on their web site.  The best developed web site I have found is on the Dallas ISD web site at 
In the left hand column on that page are links to multiple resources including links to videos to share with children explaining what is happening and the science behind it.

Regarding the data as to what is happening, here is a list of all Coronavirus cases verified as of 5 pm yesterday, 3-27-20.  These numbers are constantly changing but verify that the center of the nations infection as of yesterday was New York City.  However, please note that 31 states have a higher number of deaths per 100 verified Coronavirus cases than New York as of 5 pm yesterday.  The number in the darkened column amounts to the number of deaths per 100 cases, either as a percentage of 100 or, for NY, 1.16 deaths per 100 cases verified.  Remember, these numbers have already changed! As case numbers become more accurate there will be great changes! 

I will post another graph like this next week.  I fear we will have possibly 300% more cases verified in our nation and the World as well as deaths, or more.

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