Saturday, May 25, 2019

Perjury Complaint against Karla Garcia for District 4 Trustee Candidate Documents

From: Bill Betzen <>
To: edwinflores <>; Hinojosam <>; (& all trustees)
Sent: Sat, May 25, 2019 6:35 pm
Subject: Perjury Complaint Documentation against Karla Garcia, D4 Candidate
Dear President Flores, Dr. Hinojosa, and all Dallas ISD Board Members,

This past Wednesday, 5/22/19, I filed a formal perjury complaint with the DA's office against Karla Garcia, current candidate for DISD District 4 Trustee. A full copy of the complaint, and the 11 attachments documenting the perjury found in the documents Karla filed with DISD, are online linked to  

By filing this complaint I joined three others who filed identical complaints with the Dallas County District Attorney.

This morning these allegations were mentioned in a Dallas Morning News story online titled "Residency concerns linger in Dallas ISD runoff as resident alleges violations by candidates."  Documentation missing from this Morning News article is attached to the 5-22-19 complaint documentation at

The position of trustee must be one beyond any questions about integrity. There are problems with Ms. Garcia's current campaign.  Does any DISD Board members have any concerns whatsoever with what is happening?

I presume the Board will be going over this documentation with legal council during your 5-30-19 noon and/or 1:30 meetings.  We are looking forward to your guidance on this issue.

Bill Betzen
It was good to finally read about the well documented residency concerns against Karla Garcia as a candidate in DISD Trustee District 4 in today's Dallas Morning News.  Here is the article:

In summary, she filed one affidavit which disqualified her from being a candidate, then filed a second affidavit claiming a 15-year residency which is erroneous as she voted repeatedly in another state during that time.  Investigation by Brett Shipp documented well her residency in North Carolina and voting there 2014 through 2017.

I joined 3 others in filing a formal complaint with the Dallas County District Attorney's office.  On 5-22-19 I filed my notarized complaint.  Here is the exact wording that I filed but with the "Information about you" section left blank so anyone who wants to join us in these complaints can just print out these 16 pages and file their own complaint with the Dallas County District Attorney's office. Just cross out my name on the statement on the bottom of page 1 and write yours in.

How can a person file for a position with the word "trust" in the name with such obvious evidence of perjury in her notarized affidavit?  If she did not understand what she was signing, do you want her as a trustee?  See page 9 below for the requirements to register as a voter in North Carolina.  On page 10 below is Karla Garcia's voting record in North Carolina.  She is recorded as voting four times, in November of 2014, 2016 and 2017, and in March of 2016.

Here are 16 pages of the complaint, the three page complaint along with the 11 attachments on 13 pages making up the full complaint:

Again, you may print out these 16 pages, insert your name and address information on page 1, and then cross out my name on page 3 and insert your name, notarize your signature on that page, and turn in the complaint at the DA's offices on the top floor of the Judge Crowley Court Building. An assistant DA will come to take your complaint.  On 5-22-19 Assistant DA Kevin Feinglas took my complaint.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Brett Shipp for seeing the need and gathering the documentation.

Bill Betzen

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