Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dallas Mayoral Runoff Election June 8, 2019

Selecting the next Dallas Mayor from among two excellent candidates may come down to which one both knows best, and is most transparent, about where the "bodies are buried" in Dallas. Griggs edges forward here as he clearly has much more time spent "finding bodies" on the Dallas City Council. Most critically, he has a solid reputation of blowing the whistle on "bodies found," often issues the "Dallas Establishment" wanted kept quiet. Is this an accurate perception of the major differences between these two candidates?

If you look at who is financially supporting each candidate, and having their photos taken with each candidate, this difference is painfully reinforced. If Johnson's supporters, such as Mayor Rawlings, were in charge, Dallas would be building a Trinity River Toll Road now.

The detailed Mayoral campaign finance reports are online at 

Using the data from that site, the chart below was made. It shows who the big donors like and who the small donors like. If this were a democracy ...

I believe Representative Johnson can rise above this fray and be as big an advocate for the entire city of Dallas as Scott Griggs has been.  Sadly it is painfully certain the former Dallas mayors and big donors supporting Johnson do not agree. This group has been right for the past several mayors they funded. 

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