Thursday, October 17, 2019

Detailed proposals for change, publicized before Board Meetings, are needed.

This month's misled effort by Dallas ISD Administration to expand SB 1882 applications into current DISD schools is another painful example of both a bad plan and the failure to follow basic professional practice.

Such lack of proposal documentation has been allowed too often by the Dallas ISD Board. Plans for major changes made without public planning documents must stop!

A well planned and documented proposal, giving goals and research, with the data driving the decision, should be required. It must include an assessment of the costs and risks involved, and benefits anticipated for our students! Such a written proposal should be required before any consideration by the Dallas ISD School Board.

These undocumented SB 1882 plans were verbally presented, but hopefully do not reflect the abilities of the presenters. Did supervisors stop a more formal proposal from being prepared? Detailed proposals should be written and attached to the public agenda items before any future major DISD proposed changes can be considered!

Documentation saves time, and with such documents the public can respond, ask better questions, and make much more valuable comments in a more timely manner.

Why are DISD Trustees allowing such undocumented planning? Trustee Forman stands out as leading the questioning at the 10-3-19 Briefing!

DISD has lost valuable time. Our students do not have time! Student achievement must accelerate NOW! Income & racial achievement gaps should have disappeared from DISD years ago!  Our students have no more time to waste!

A documented plan requirement may even stop such poorly planned ideas from ever taking up Board time again as bad plans often die in the planning process.

Again, thank you Trustee Foreman.

10-17-19 Bill Betzen, a presentation given to the Dallas ISD Board today.

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