Monday, October 14, 2019

Dallas ISD Progress 2000 to 2013, then it stopped!

Anyone who thinks the progress in Dallas ISD only started in 2012 is ignoring the data! That is the year the progress began a painful and rapid stop! DISD had more than a decade, 2000 to 2012, of low teacher turnover. Since major
student achievement is usually delayed a year following major changes, the consistent lowering of the Texas/DISD Achievement Gap went from 2000 to 2013! The Gap went from 20 percentage points in 2000 to only 8 by 2013!
Then progress went backwards big-time by 2013/14 with the record high of 43 failing
schools! That disaster was accompanied, naturally, by and an exploding Texas/DISD Achievement Gap. DISD lost 5 years of progress in 2013/14 with the Gap going back up to 11 points again, to the old 2009 Gap! Teacher turnover exploded in 2012 and was over 21% by 2013! Teacher turnover has stayed higher than any year on record prior to 2012, ever since! (Study the chart below. All data on this chart comes from the Texas Education Agency web site, Snapshot, or from the Dallas ISD Data Portal, as collected over the years. Sadly some of the older data is no longer online. Why? Does someone want to stop multi-year comparisons like this of progress?)

Dallas ISD did not recover academic progress, back down to an 8 percentage point Gap, until 2016/17.
Teacher turnover remains at record levels! Before 2012 DISD teacher turnover averaged
2.8 percentage points LOWER/BETTER than Texas statewide. Since 2013 DISD teacher turnover has averaged 3.7 percentage points WORSE/HIGHER than Texas! Is that an accident?
Who is trying to destroy Dallas ISD?
Is there a profit motive somewhere? Or were politicians threatened by an increasingly well educated core of critically
thinking students who would vote? It is no accident that Texas has one of the lowest per student education investments in the nation. Such low education investment is related to low voter turnout nationwide. Only Hawaii & West Virginia had lower voter turnout in November 2016 than Texas!
Or is it all of the above?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dallas ISD Middle School School Effectiveness Scores dropped in 2018-19

This is the chart for SEI Scores of Middle Schools in order from highest to lowest from last year's 2018-19 ratings.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

School Time Capsule Postmaster Research Proposals

The indications for progress through the volunteer work of School Time Capsule Postmasters is significant.  These volunteers help students plan their own futures in writing every year, and explore their family histories with new information from elderly relatives every year. This process improves the self image of students.  They take charge of their own lives.

Teen pregnancies go down, negative behaviors decrease, and academic performance improves.  High school graduation rate soar.

In child welfare terms, the number of referrals from the area of town with schools using the volunteer work of postmasters, goes down.

This pattern must be verified in by research.  If a funded project were to start School Time Capsule Projects in every elementary and secondary school in two of the highest child welfare referral feeder patterns belonging to two high schools in a high poverty urban area, these hypotheses could be well tested within 5 years.

See blog postings below but most especially at to see what is being proposed by better understanding the School Time Capsule Project and the work of a postmaster.

This is a very quick first draft.  This posting will be worked on.