Friday, March 30, 2018

An Open Records Request to drive Dallas ISD school equity debate

This morning the Dallas Morning News had another education editorial:

Yes, we must continue the debate about improving DISD schools, but the public must first have all the information needed to engage in the debate.

An open records request will be made, within the month hopefully, that is now being circulated among organizations to secure their support for demanding this information in this format.

The request is for 10 spreadsheets covering the current year and the past 9 years of DISD budget expenditures by school.   Each spreadsheet will have one row for each of the 228+ schools and one column for each of 70 variables per schools, possibly more.
The first 30 columns of information per school will be the annual identifying information and demographic profiles of each school, including racial profile data, poverty and language data, etc...

The next 32 columns will be the full cost allocation per student at each school as reflected in the last column of the PEIMS Standard FInancial Reports files on the TEA website.

These spreadsheets will allow the public to see exactly how money is allocated by school, and to see the history of those allocations.

This level of transparency will allow the debate about improving DISD schools to have new life and accuracy.

There is very ample evidence that the most efficient way to improve any school is to have parents and students annually document their goals and begin recording stories from their family histories.  As that happens students become increasingly goal centered and achievement soars.  See the data at
This change to a school grounded in family history, and more fully goal-focused students and parents, will cost taxpayers almost nothing!  Not having such goal-focused students and parents costs taxpayers millions per school!

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