Friday, December 27, 2019

President John F. Kennedy radio address 6-11-1963

This is the planned text to the radio address given by President John F. Kennedy on June 11, 1963, within 6 months of his fatal trip to Dallas.  This record is found online at

It merits a historical marker on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas where he was killed just before he entered the Triple Underpass.  It is proposed that walkway on the north side become a Black History timeline from 1963 back to 1853 and the first recorded hanging of a Black person in Dallas, a 53 year old grandmother.  Many deaths followed and must be remembered in Martyr's Park, in the lower left hand corner of this photo of the Triple Underpass construction in 1935.
Tragically this was the image on 11-22-63 as he rapidly dying President Kennedy was rushed to Parkland Hospital.  It is recommended this Historical Marker to his historic radio address go on the patch of grass in front of the walkway to the right of the car carrying President Kennedy to Parkland.

Here is the text from the radio address with a U.S. President finally responding in a moral and more adequate manner to the cries and demands of Black Americans and all minorities for centuries:

Dallas needs to seek out a historical marker to remember this great address an use it as the first exhibit of a Black Timeline going back in Black History to Martyr's Park.

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