Friday, June 7, 2019

Rooha Haghar, 2019 Conrad Valedictrian denied freedom of speech & DISD apologised.

-------------- Second Update made on 6-13-19 -------------------
This article in the NY Post has one of the more complete reports on this event that I have seen. It linked to the 33 second clip that Rooha had posted on Twitter which account included this text from Rooha explaining what happened:
In explaining why the names could not be given a teachers told Rooha that Whites are discriminated against and her naming of Black victims of violence would incite more such discrimination.

Here is what Rooha wrote and posted into her Twitter account linked in the NY Post article:

We are very proud of you Rooha! The conversation you requested should happen. The public is learning some necessary and valuable lessons due to your bravery.

-------------- First Update on made on 6-12-19 -------------------

On 6-11-19, it was great to hear that Dallas ISD has apologised to Rooha Haghar for all the right reasons! Congratualions Rooha! This embarassment by Dallas ISD has helped thousands more hear your well said words! I still urge you to give your talk in front of the DISD Board so the main points fit into the three minute limitation. You can do it! Sign up for the 6/27/19 meeting! We Dallas ISD supporters (i.e. supporters of DISD when they truly supports students) need to stand and cheer your success! Please let us know if you will speak on 6/27/19.

-------------- Original Post of the incident -------------------
Rooha Haghar, 2019 Conrad Valedictrian denied freedom of speech, should tell her story at the 6/27/19 Dallas ISD Board Meeting so the entire room can stand to support her! Speakers before her could pave the way by speaking about freedom of speech and critical thinking being mandatory parts of the DISD curriculum! Then invite those who agree with critical thinking and freedom of speech in our schools to stand for Rooha Haghar when she speeks.

It has been posted that this was the rest of her talk that she was unable to give:
""And while we are receiving our diplomas tonight and moving on to bigger things, they were students who were robbed of this opportunity.

To all the kids who got left behind because their education educational needs cannot be met,To the students that had to drop out to work and help their families financially,

To the Baha’i youth of Iran who are denied access to her education by the government some serving time in prison for wanting to teach,

To the kids that were murdered in senseless mass shootings,
To Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and all the other children who became victims of injustice,

To the kids across the globe affected by war, famine, persecution, and child labor who have lost years of education due to hunger displacement lack of finances and lack of educational resources,

I’m sorry.

You see tonight is a celebration of our achievements, yes, but it is also a reminder of all the work that needs to be done. And as much as I hate to say this, “Class of 2019, we just might be the future.” So no matter which path you take in life, where you end up in the next decade, remember you have an obligation to community, and the world at large.”


Here is another news article on freedom of speech denied the Conrad Valedictorian, Rooha Haghar, on the day of her graduation. It includes a video of the event which makes what happened clear:   Trustee Micciche is setting to the left of the principal who signals the microphone to be turned off.  I wonder what Trustee Micciche's opinion is.

If Dallas ISD has not made a public response to this anti-critical-thinking action by a DISD Principal, everyone should call 972-925-3720 by 6/26/19 to sign up to speak at the next days meeting.  My that time my planned testimony will be posted at


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