Saturday, March 17, 2018

Transparency is needed in Dallas ISD

Marshall forgets transparency (Letter from 3-14-18 Morning News)

Re: "Why does DISD resist data for improvement? Trustee Dustin Marshall says too many are only interested in protecting the status quo," Sunday Points.
Solid data, well-defined and accurate, must drive Dallas ISD decision-making. Marshall is right.
Sadly, he fails to mention transparency. Instead he attacks the two trustees working hardest for transparency.
He states: "If you look at the number of items that are pulled off the consent agenda at our DISD board meetings, 99.9 percent are pulled by two people. And, if you look at the amount of time spent speaking at our board meetings, it's 90-plus percent those same two people."
I attend most DISD monthly board meetings. I have listened for hours to questions by Joyce Foreman and Bernadette Nutall about the items they pulled. There is a pattern to the questions these heroic trustees ask. Most often their concerns are poorly documented expenditures. Most concerns would disappear if DISD trustees and staff were to better document items in the DISD board meeting agendas.
This would benefit everyone in Dallas. It would provide a more complete written record.
If Marshall agrees, he should demand better-documented agenda items. He should join Nutall and Foreman in their battle. Better agenda documentation and transparency would provide shorter board meetings!. Everyone wins!

The above letter was sent in response to this interview of Mr. Marshall:

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