Sunday, March 18, 2018

Townview Science & Engineering Magnet is Dallas ISD's best!

This 7-year report on School Effectiveness Indices (SEI) scores shows what a consistently and unusually high performing treasure the Townview Sciences and Engineering Magnet (SEM) is. It performs better than any school in all of DISD! And it is on the Southside of town at Townview. We need more students to apply from the Southside of Dallas to attend so that the 22% Black student enrollment for DISD is reflected and the 70% Hispanic DISD enrollment is better reflected.  We also need more girls to apply to attend. It is a priceless treasure!  It is relatively ethnically balanced* especially compared to Booker T Washington where the SEI averages 11.3 points less than SEM.  While SEM needs demographic changes to better represent DISD students, it is already better matching DISD demographically than other magnet schools.  See demographics below.

*SEM Student demographics as of 03/30/18:  WHITE = 13.8%, AFRICAN AMERICAN = 10.1%, HISPANIC = 59.5%,  AMERICAN INDIAN = 0.7%, ASIAN = 14.1%, MULTI-RACE = 1.9%.  A total of 59% of SEM students are from Economically Disadvantaged homes while 86% of all DISD students are Economically Disadvantaged. 

We must not ignore the fact that the Science and Engineering Magnet, with the highest average SEI score in DISD, averages over 5 points higher in their SEI score than all the other best schools, year after year, for the past 7 years!

The "worst" year for SEM was 2014 when TAG came within 2.1 SEI points of matching the higher SEM score.

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