Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dallas Black History Timeline from Heritage Park, Shotgun House, October 2017

The following Black History Timeline for Dallas was photographed in October 2017 as it was presented on the walls of the Shotgun House in Dallas Heritage Village. As any timeline it reflects decisions about interpretations of history and could include many more dates and people.  It is a wonderful start!   Some additions to the history have been typed below between the photos taken.

May 27, 1853 a slave known as Jane Elkins became the first woman executed by hanging after a trial in Texas. See blog posting. A handwritten record of that legal action is on microfilm in the Dallas Central Library. She was estimated to be 53 years old and had been hired out by her owner to care for two children of a widower she ultimately hit in the head with an axe.  There was no defense against murder for rape. When asked to comment at her trial she said nothing. 

(To show the atmosphere at the time: In 1855 another slave, age 19 named Celia in Missouri, had a defense lawyer who actively used the rape defense in her defense for the murder of her owner who had regularly raped her since she was 14.  She gave birth to two children.  The appeal went to the Missouri Supreme Court and her conviction stood. She had a still birth in jail.  She was hung on December 21, 1855.)


  1. These are only photos of what was on the wall in the Shotgun House at Heritage Village. Much history is missing.


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