Friday, July 30, 2021

Expanding Freeways vs self-driving taxis

Dallas News frequently reports on expanding freeways, but are we overbuilding multi-lane freeways?

Within the next decade self-driving taxis will be normal. With your smartphone, you can call for a ride. The computer will know where you are. You only need to say where you are going and when. This data will be centrally collected with an instant assignment to the self-driving taxi nearest to your location, picking up people in your area, if you want to pay less, and driving to the same general area of destinations for this group.  If money is no issue, you can have the taxi to yourself.  Meanwhile, you can make calls, eat, work, or play during your trip.

As this technology expands the self-driving taxis will perfect the use of platooning lanes on the freeways dedicated to self-driving vehicles only.  Traffic congestion will be lessened. You will be able to take a taxi at a tiny fraction of the cost of driving on your own car, and you can work, eat, or play as you travel.

Our transportation needs are shifting from more freeway lanes to constantly better commuting software for self-driving vehicles connecting with customers. 

New commuting is coming within the next decade.  If Dallas handles the transition well we will go from being the most dangerous city in the nation for commuting to the most efficient and the safest. Accidents can become past history. 

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