Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Dallas ISD Bond 2020 $3.7 Billion Proposal

The first writing I did on the 2020 Dallas ISD Bond Proposal was in February.  See it at

Now we are voting and I am supporting the passage of this bond.  Have my concerns been taken care of?  No!  

We still have problems but our students do not have more time!  They must have new and improved schools!   Thomas Jefferson High School must be totally removed with a new building put up since NO work has been done on that site since the tornado over a year ago.  But Covid-19 has shown that DISD must replace 1950's sized classrooms with Covid-19 sized classrooms to create more healthy environments!

I will speak about this at tomorrow's 10/22/20 Board Meeting about the need to now vote again on Thomas Jefferson H.S., and this time vote to build a new school!

Dallas ISD students deserve new schools in multiple locations, not just in North Dallas!  The $3.7 billion 2020 Bond will hopefully pass.  Then hopefully the needed transparency can be secured for public oversight to grow and reinforce public support for our schools.  

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