Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Transparency within Dallas ISD will continue to be an issue.

But, as this evening's presentation continued on redlining and other "safe" forms of racism today's folks can comfortably distance themselves from, I looked up 2018/19 PEIMS Financial data on DISD, Spruce, and Woodrow Wilson. This is most recent data available. Then I looked up poverty and class size data on the 2018/19 TAPR's (Texas Academic Progress Reports) for Wilson and Spruce.
The results were as sad as I expected!
Wilson High School, with 52% poverty, had $310 more Regular funds (64% of DISD Program Budget) per student & an average class size of one full student smaller than the 92% poverty Spruce H.S.!  
Yes the highest poverty school by 40 percentage points had an average of one more student in the average class than the lower poverty school.
I reported this to the group this evening and did not receive the response that was appropriate to such current abuse. I pointed out that the Dallas poverty map would show the high poverty schools in DISD having the least Regular funding per student.

This is why Dallas ISD needs to embrace Single Spreadsheet Transparency.  It will expose the past decade of such abuse, often much worse than last year.  Believe it or not things have improved significantly since 2015.

Below are the data that I collected during this meeting from the PEIMS Financial Reports at
First is the full financial report for all of Dallas ISD:

Below is H Grady Spruce High School

Below is Woodrow Wilson High School

Here is the Texas Academic Progress Report (TAPR) class enrollment numbers for 2018/19 for Spruce H.S..  They are from

Here is the Texas Academic Progress Report (TAPR) class enrollment numbers for 2018/19 for Woodrow Wilson H.S.:

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