Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dallas Morning News should allow this discussion of racism.

Would the Dallas Morning News page 3 add on 7-21-19, copied above on the left above, be possible without the Dallas Racist History?

I just sent this letter to the Dallas Morning News.  Do you think we will see it in the paper?
Page 3 of the 7-21-19 Dallas Morning News honored high performing employees from a large Dallas Company. Would such a virtually all White group of employees have been possible without Dallas History? 

Dallas was founded on the work of slaves. After slavery, their descendants were then subjected to 150 years of discrimination. Hispanic families joined them as targets of the Dallas KKK. Dallas became the KKK National Headquarters in the 1920’s. The underfunding of Black and Brown schools has still not ended today in the DFW area!  Transparency is simply not provided to prove otherwise for a reason.

Would this page in the Dallas Morning News on 7-21-19 honoring mostly White employees happen without such a racist DFW History?

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