Friday, June 7, 2019

Both Dallas Crime Rates & Schools improve with student goals!

The research is overwhelming!  There is a painfully high correlation between schools with high levels of student misbehavior and violence being located in communities with high crime rates. It is rare that anyone debates this correlation, but how often are police departments and schools working together to solve their mutual problems?

Dallas ISD schools used to have Dallas Police Officers assigned to the schools. Has the ability of Dallas ISD to work cooperatively with Dallas Police improved since DISD has their own DISD Police Department?  Hopefully it has, but the question must be asked.

In the schools that have actively followed the letter writing systems that have evolved with the School Time Capsule Project those schools have experienced a lessening of documented behavioral problems. Quintanilla saw the numbers of referrals made on student behavior reduce to only 15% of what they were when the project started.  It is only natural that as students are more directly focused on life goals and documenting their progress that there would be less time for behavior problems.

At the same time academic behavior rises and grades rise and the goal focus increases among students. Quintanilla has remained for the past 5 years one of the highest performing middle schools of all 33 middle schools in Dallas.  This is in spite of the fact that the poverty level at Quintanilla is higher than over 85% of all other middle schools.

I have not yet been able to study the changes in the crime rate in the Quintanilla Feeder Pattern since the Time Capsule Project started in 2005, but such study is needed.  I strongly believe that as the project is developed and becomes normal in more schools that the neighborhoods around those schools will also enjoy lowering crime levels, unlrelated to poverty levels.

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