Friday, October 26, 2018

Dallas ISD $1.2 BILLION Deficit by 2022/23 if TRE tax increase fails

Dallas ISD has achieved a massive record of improvement over the past decade. The Tax Ratification Election (TRE) must pass or within 5 years DISD is facing over a $1.2 BILLION deficit.  This is the tragic conclusion based on the data found in 3 of the 26 slides from the "Innovating & Accelerating Progress" presentation at

The first, slide 9, shows how the continuing drop in State Revenue alone would lead to over a $700 million DISD deficit by 2022/23 as DISD will not have the State Funding that is projected and planned for in slide 17. 
Slide #9 from 26-slide "Innovating & Accelerating Progress" presentation at

The second slide, #10, shows the annual $126 million increase in spendable income that is projected, after recapture, if the TRE passes.

Slide #10 from 26-slide "Innovating & Accelerating Progress" presentation at

The third slide, slide 17 below, shows how the loss of $126 million for each of 5 years will lead to an additional $500+ million deficit by 2022/23. These are only very crude estimates pointing to a potential Dallas disaster if the TRE fails.

The only alternative for Dallas ISD will be massive budget cuts that will certainly include the laying off of hundreds of teachers and the closing of many schools.

Again, this all presumes the DISD data and projections in these three slides are correct.

Slide #17 from 26-slide "Innovating & Accelerating Progress" presentation at

Unless there are errors in the data on these slides from DISD, this will be over a $1.2 BILLION dollar Dallas ISD disaster by 2022/23 if the TRE fails and massive staff and other budget cuts are not made. (I have studied the data provided by DISD for many hours.  I find no inconsistencies in the data.  I think it is correct, but I am not a school budget specialist. BB)

If you see errors in the math please email .

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