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Questions given Miguel Solis since 2013 & unanswered. Where is transparency now?

In 11-6-2013 these questions, linked here, were presented to Miguel Solis and he repeatedly refused to respond to them beyond no response.  The list of questions is shortened and updated below.

In November 2013 many were urging DISD leadership to pay attention to data slowly being exposed regarding the results of Mike Miles' management in both Harrison District Two in Colorado and here in DISD.  DISD was having similar teacher dissatisfaction and student loss results as his management of Harrison School District Two in Colorado Springs. In Harrison 1/3 of the senior class enrollment was lost the last 4 years before he came to Dallas. These appear to have been low struggling students and their loss appears to have been a driving factor in the college test score rise that made Miles attractive to some DISD Trustees!  They apparently did not see the loss in senior enrollment.

Miguel Solis speaks repeatedly while campaigning about his commitment to transparency.  To support transparency the following questions were sent to Miguel Solis on 10-22-13 and never answered.  His apparently blind support for Mike Miles led to Dallas ISD eventually having 43 failing schools in 2013/14, the second year of Mr. Miles' time with DISD.  When these questions were first given to Mr. Solis, Dallas was half way to suffering the loss of 6,000 teachers during the 3 years of Mike Miles' time as superintendent. 

Answers to these questions are much more important now that Mr. Solis is running for Dallas Mayor.  Will Mr. Solis ever achieve the transparency he often spoke about? 

Here is a shortened list of 2013 questions:

1)      Before he was hired in Dallas ISD there is no evidence that Mr. Miles was asked about the 26% drop in high school enrollment during the 6 years he was superintendent over Harrison School District Two in Colorado Springs.  (In November of 2013 the DISD Class of 2014 had 531 fewer seniors than the Class of 2013. Was the same loss about to happen in DISD?  The whistle was blown about this loss as of November 2013 and apparently the loss stopped.)  During a time when elementary enrollment rose over 20% in Harrison, indicating families were moving into this Colorado district Mr. Miles was superintendent over, a 26% loss of Harrison high school enrollment is an exceptionally dangerous sign.  Does this loss bother you Mr. Solis?  What does it mean to you?  Can you secure, or did you ever receive an answer from Mr. Miles as to what happened in Harrison to cause this student loss? 

2)     The majority of the above mentioned Harrison loss was to seniors.  The Harrison District senior class lost 33% of their enrollment during the 6 years Mike Miles was superintendent.  In Dallas, during Mike Miles second year in DISD, the senior class had lost 531 students as of November compared to the previous year’s enrollment, a 6% loss.  Does this loss bother you?  

3)     Mike Miles has alienated some of the most respected and accomplished leading education professionals in DISD.  It has resulted in many of them leaving their critical leadership positions as reflected in this article:   Does this leave you comfortable about his leadership style?

4)     Mike Miles had monumental difficulty in hiring and keeping even the staff who worked closest to him in spite of the exceptionally high salaries he had given them: .   What is your opinion of that turnover? 

5)     In 2013, when reported at the end of July, DISD did not officially notify the board that, for the first time in DISD history, the proportion of DISD students taking college entrance exams went down.  The percentage of DISD Minority students taking the ACT exam fell by over 23% while that percentage was virtually unchanged for the SAT exam.   Does it bother you that Mike Miles did not point out these reductions in the student population tested to the Board?  Does it bother you that instead, through reports given, he claimed very questionable and unjustifiable student progress with higher average grades reported for the ACT?  As you well know this is easy to achieve by only giving the tests to the most highly motivated students who want to take the test. Do you agree that the Board should have been notified that the number of students taking these tests decreased by 23%?

6) Rewarding teachers financially for improving their students performance was something happening in DISD years before Mike Miles arrived. It was positive.  I made thousands of more dollars as a teacher due to such bonuses. Mike Miles helped formalize such a system going to the extreme that virtually all increases came from Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) formulas.  The increases were no longer bonuses. Now it has been shown that this has increased average salaries the most since 2015 for schools with the least poverty and the highest White student populations.  Do those trends bother you? What corrections are needed?  How will such trends help high poverty, minority students?
You can see the data involved in these trends linked to the studies at and at
The responses of Miguel Solis to these questions will be posted here if and when they are received.   The link to this page and these questions was emailed this morning to the contact information at along with a request that Mr. Solis respond.

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