Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fair Park Redevelopment Group - Dallas

These ten covenants were made public 2 weeks ago. Monte Anderson and the Fair Park Redevelopment Group are speaking about them. I heard Monte last week. If these 10 Covenants truly drive the redevelopment of Fair Park, Fair Park will reclaim its status as the location Dallas is most proud of:

1) We Promise to make the surrounding neighborhoods the first priority in all of our decisions.

2) Ensure Self-Sustaining Operation with a goal of diminishing subsidy and tax payer funding to zero in the 10th year of operation.

3) A Park for Everyone, All of the Time – Improve and expand the existing signature park to create a world class public amenity

4) Neighborhood Connection – We will reconnect the surrounding neighborhoods with infrastructure, buildings, homes and parking structures so that the large parking lots can be minimized.

5) Recreate Transportation Connections – We will create and implement a transportation plan that will properly handle the large amounts of people who come to Fair Park using pedestrian and bike friendly best practices and incentives for shuttling not driving.

6) Inspiring Local Business – We will use an incremental master plan that will allow locals new business opportunities.

7) Always Open – We will collaborate with the State Fair of Texas so that the entire park and buildings will be open year round.

8) Work with Schools – We will lease the buildings to educational and arts organizations and museums year-round so that they can integrate their programs with other tenants.

9) Restore and Revitalize – We will continue to restore and repair the buildings, the art and the grounds to create a world amenity with year-round draw.

10) Open Meetings – We promise to hold regular board/planning meetings so that the stake holders and citizens of Dallas can participate, comment and review all the plans, finances and details.

Here is a link to the pdf file that composes the 16 slides reflecting the Group and the 10 Covenants above.